AMERIKRAFT™ Synthetic Wood

The most realistic synthetic wood available. No other product comes as close to the look and feel of natural wood. We offer a wide variety of standard options, and we also provide custom profiles and colors. The only limitation is our collective imagination!

Choose from 12 standard colors, including solid colors and “streaking” effects to simulate a realistic wood appearance. In addition, we can color match almost any wood appearance, whether natural, stained or painted. And we can texture the surface to provide an even more realistic wood effect.

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Color Swatches

  • American Cherry

AMERIKRAFT™, Synthetic Wood

Designed by American Holtzkraft for Arnold Palmer’s Bay Hill Club & Lodge in Orlando, Florida. The unit is manufactured completely from AMERIKRAFT™, a polystyrene synthetic wood material that features a beautiful wood grain look that is present throughout the material, including the cross-cut ends. This look is the result of a special manufacturing process; both the grain and the color are maintained throughout by UV inhibitors included in the chemical make-up of the product. AMERIKRAFT™ will withstand weather extremes, does not absorb water, and does not need refinishing!

In addition to the Water/Refuse Station, we also offer many other items made from AMERIKRAFT™ such as benches, tables, chairs, planters and waste receptacles. Any of these products can also be ordered in recycled plastic, another “faux wood” option. Simply contact one of our representatives for details and quotes.